Betty and Steffi
Hamburg TMS 2003
On our way around the courts we found Mark Knowles and Daniel Nestor practising, we were looking forward to seeing those guys again. We found them together with the Bryans and followed the practise which was very amusing and sometimes rather loud. ;-)

After the usual greetings from Mark, Daniel and their coach John which we returned, Mike, Bob and Phil had a curious look in our direction as well.

The next day we firstly found Mark and Daniel on the court and all of a sudden Bob, Mike and Phil showed up to ask whether they could join them, but were informed that Mark and Daniel prefered a ‘serious’ session first. After a while Daniel started shouting for Bob to come over and join them which they did immediatley and Phil started greeting us with a big smile.
A few days passed where we saw those 4 guys coming and leaving the tennis grounds together.

On Thursday we could finally see them in action! First match on court 3 was Bob and Mike against Johnson/Blake. So we decided to get some good seats as Mark and Daniel were to play the following match. We sat a few seats away from Phil. As Mark and Daniel seemed to like Bob and Mike we started using our Bahama/Canada rattles to make some noise for the Bryans. Phil made it clear that he really liked that and asked as wether we would be cheering for them the following day, as the end of the match was approaching (they won 7:6, 6:4). Really surprised to be approached by Phil we made it clear that we would of course be cheering for Bob and Mike as long as they would not play against Knowles and Nestor, which would only be the case in the finals.

Friday came and we had a bit of a problem…. Bob and Mike started the day on court 2 at 3:00 pm and the matches on court 2 were to begin at 1:00 pm and the second match on court 1 was to be played by Mark Knowles and Daniel Nestor – pretty obviously the 2 matches of interest would be played more or less at the same time.
So we could only cheer for the Bryans together with Phil during the first set and than had to change courts. Luckily court 1 and 2 are right next to each other and we firstly used the breaks of Bob and Mike to see what was going on on court 1 (and also to keep Phil informed about the score of the match Bjorkmann/Woodbridge against Paes/Rikl) and after Mark and Daniel started playing on court 1 we did the same to look how Mike and Bob were doing. But in the end both teams of our favoured teams won (Mike and Bob won 6:7, 7:6, 7:5 and Mark and Daniel also needed 3 sets 6:7, 7:6, 6:4) and we were to see them again in the semis on Saturday.

On Saturday we went to court 1 to watch Mark and Daniel make their way into the finals with 2 straight sets 6:3, 6:4 and were really happy to see them again on Sunday!!!!

After waiting for the singles to finish we went on the Centre Court to watch the 2nd doubles semi: Bob and Mike against Mirnyi/Bhupathi. We did our best to cheer them into the finals, but did not suceed and they lost 7:6, 3:6, 6:4,

After the match we took the time to wait for the guys, as we thought they would be leaving Hamburg and did want to get their picture before they left! It took a while but they came. As some other girls were very eager to get their picture as well, we started a little chat with Phil ;-) and he could not stop thanking us for cheering.
We took the enclosed pictures and spoke a while with them and could not help making fun of them carrying water and cookies to the hotel ‘is there nothing to drink at the hotel??’ we said good-bye and Phil made it clear that he would be watching the finals anyway.

On Sunday we were the happiest girls in town, because ‘our’ team won the finals!!!! Mark and Daniel beat Mirnyi and Bhupathi – GO MARK GO DAN!!!

During the final Mike and Phil appeared in one of the boxes to watch the final, but what had they done to Bob?? Nobody knows… ;-)
After the final we of course we waited for Mark and Daniel to take a picture with the champions. We needed a lot of patience waiting for everybody to leave….

Mirnyi and Bhupathi did not stay very long and after a while Bob and Mike left together and smiled at us, so we spoke a bit with them again before they really left Hamburg. When Phil left he informed us, that Mark and Daniel were to be out shortly as well. Thanks for that Phil! ;-)

But only Daniel showed up and so we stood there with him for about 15 minutes before he ‘really had to go ;-)’.

About 30 minutes later finally the last ones were leaving… Mark and his coach John, they thanked us for our support and we hope to see everybody again in Hamburg for the Tennis Masters 2004.


Fan Encounters

Betty and Steffi
Danielle and Nicole
Mone and Miriam 1
Mone and Miriam 2
Nat and Alli
Fan Pics with the Bros.
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