Houston Masters Cup, 2004
Me and my friends got out to Westside Tennis club about 12 on Friday. We didnt have tickets but we were getting grounds passes for the day. So we grabbed some lunch then we headed in. When we got in Hewitt and Gaudio were playing. So we waited around to try and get Hewitt's autograph but he just walked right on by. So right after Hewitt and Gaudio left Andy and Coria came out. So since we didnt have tickets for the matches we just sat out and watched them on the big screen.

Well when Andy and Coria's match was over we headed to where they walk out to try and get autographs. Me and my friends all got Andy's. Well after they walked off we went to see who was praciticing and Federer was but we didnt stay long. We went and grabbed us a table to sit for the rest of the day til Bob and Mike came out. They were the last match of the day.

So when they finally walked out I went over to see them come out. Then went and watched their match from the big screen. Then we headed back over to the line where they come out. We were like the first ones there and we were ready.

Well they came out and they didnt come over to where we were standing. Well I was bound and determined to get their autograph. So we headed to the back of the line to try and catch them. Well my friend Richard had noticed that they were taking pictures with people and he was like you should so do that. So Mike got to us first and he signed my program and I asked if I could get a picture and he said sure.

So I got my picture with Mike and then Bob finally made it down to us and my friend was like I want to be in the picture so I asked Bob if we could get a picture with him and he said sure. Just like Mike haha. So we got our picture with him. But the guys were so incredibly nice. They tried to sign something for everyone who was waiting and whoever asked for a picture they would take on. So it was well worth the wait of the day. Not only did I accomplish my goal of getting their autographs but I got a picture with them too. It was like the greatest day ever!


Fan Encounters

Betty and Steffi
Danielle and Nicole
Mone and Miriam 1
Mone and Miriam 2
Nat and Alli
Fan Pics with the Bros.
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