Mone and Miriam
Monte Carlo TMS 2003
Tuesday, day one:

We arrived at the tennis around 1pm and were so screwed because we drove the whole night and then we missed the train and so on. But anyway, the weather was really, really great and we already decided that it would become awesome days. Bob and Mike were already practicing so we went over and watched them for two hours. It was quite windy and after sitting at the courts for a while we had clay all over us – it was so awful! Craig came out sometime and went to see Graydon and Andy vs. Palmer and Eagle. When he passed us he look like....oh well I guess I know them from somewhere, I just can’t really tell....but he said hi anyway and so did we. After their practice (btw, they played on the worst court, the one where you couldn’t take pictures and sitting was not very comfortable) Bob came out first, talking to Mikes’ new girlfriends’ Mom (we at least thought that it was her mom) and he didn’t see us. So we said “Hi Bob” and he was like “Oh hi, when did you arrive?” and stuff and we had a short talk. Mike came out soon after with his girlfriend, apparently we think that they were not dating on Tuesday, we thought just since Wednesday or so, but doesn’t matter anyway. Well, he had seen Bob talking to us so when he came by he said “Hi, when did you guys arrive, how are you?” and something more and then left with his girlfriend. We went to the club house afterwards and we kind of missed Bob and Craig coming out because we ate our apples and didn’t really pay attention. So they came out, Bob wrote some autographs and when we finally decided to go over, they had already gone. But, oh well, still some days left.

I can’t really remember what happened with Mike, I think we left afterwards because we had decided not to go and talk to him when he’d be with his girlfriend. After they had left we just hung around and enjoyed the sun and got an autograph of Graydon, who was really, really cute, asking were the picture was taken and wrote thanks on it :) ! Isn’t that so sweet? Maybe he was happy that someone knew who he was, because he had come out with Andy and everyone who couldn’t get an autograph of Andy went over to Graydon. Nothing interesting happened then and we were very happy when we were back home that night and could just sleep.

Wednesday, day two:

Erm...yes, I know that I keep saying that after every tournament and never do it, but I really have to start making notes every night, because I can hardly remember what happened on Wednesday. But, thank god, I remember what happened with the twins!!!

We came to the tennis around ten o’clock and I so can’t think of what we were doing all day... I guess we watched some tennis though :) Bob and Mike started practicing around 3 p.m. and it was so awesome sitting there on this wall in the sun and having a great view on the ocean! Well, they practiced for about an hour and really rushed away in the end because they had some appointment with Prince Albert and some other people where they took pictures and then played with – I think – disabled people for about one more hour. Mike left with his girlfriend and her mum afterwards and we didn’t really wanted to go and talk to him, so we didn’t. Bob and Craig stayed a little longer and when they came out we gave Bob some gummy-bears and talked to them for a while. It was really funny, we told Bob to give on package of the bears to Mike and Craig was like : “ Yeah, sure, never !” So we were just fooling around how Bob would eat them all alone, but I’m sure he didn’t because Mike said thanks the other day :) We also wished him good luck for their match on Thursday and that’s actually everything interesting about Wednesday. Oh no, wait, Craig saw us at the club house and he was waving really funny, which we thought was so cute :)

Thursday, day three:

Bob and Mike were already practicing when we arrived so we went there and watched them. Mike unfortunately left sooner than Mike and we still didn’t get to talk to him. But when Craig and Bob left we talked to them and wished them good luck again and Bob asked how long we were going to stay. Well, as long as they would be in the tourney, so they should better win today :)

They played the first match on Court two against Eagle/Palmer, we definitely would have preferred a match against Andy and Graydon, but seeing the twins play was definitely the most important. We were really nervous and excited, we hadn’t seen them on court for so long! We sat second row (it is to add that there weren’t really many people watching :(  ) and the banner was in the front row, we couldn’t hang it up anywhere, but I’m sure they still saw it and if not, they definitely heard us cheering :) Mike’s girlfriend and her mum came a while after us and sat right next to the banner so Bob and Mike had a real “corner” of people cheering for them.

Apparently there was a family which are friends with them and they were sitting with Craig and also did a good job cheering them on, so that was really cool! The match was quite good, we never really felt like they could lose it and they didn’t! Wow, our first time that we saw them win, yippee!!! After the match they waved and said thanks, we so love them doing that :) ! We went to the club house after their match, but we were quite unlucky and they left from downstairs so we didn’t get to talk to Mike again :(

Friday, day four:

Great start of the day, we arrived and found out that they would be playing Santoro/Llodra (they had already played Santoro/Escude in Paris and lost), which was really bad because it meant that they would be playing Centre Court and we just had Ground tickets, because CC tickets were too expensive for us – oh yeah, the hard fate of going to school, no money :). When we watched Arthurs/Hanley play ??? :) Craig was there as well, sitting in the same row we did (well, after we had changed seats to sit with Peggy and Helga, two friends of ours) and since we had brought some gummy-bears for him this day it was a good time to give them to him, he seemed to appreciate it a lot. We had a little talk and he told us that Bob and Mike would be practicing around two p.m. or earlier, depending on how long the other matches would be on. So we went around the practice courts just before two, but no sight of them. We waited a little longer and then had the idea that they could be practicing on Court two, where no matches were on. Unfortunately, C2 is on the other site of the grounds and you have to walk down so many steps to get there. I went to have a look if they were there – of course they were, already serving. So I sent a text to Miriam and was only hoping that she would make it in time. Mike left earlier again, which meant still no talking with him. Miriam and Peggy met him on their way though and wished him good luck. There were just two other girls (ball kids) watching and after Bob had said good morning and waved they left – we were wondering why.... When they finished we went down to the court and talked to Bob and Craig and asked if they could get us tickets for the CC. We both really didn’t like doing that but otherwise we would have been to far away to cheer them on. Bob was really sweet, telling us that they had so many people, but Craig would still try to get some for us and that it wouldn’t be a problem! So Craig said we should wait where we were the other day (upstairs and the club house) and he would try to get some tickets for us and then meet us there. So we wished Bob good luck and went to the club house. Craig was really fast, because he was there very soon after we arrived and he was luckily able to get us some tickets, invitations to the player’s tribune. We were so happy and the day was made – well nearly!

So we spent the rest of the day sitting around, eating very expensive ice-cream and waiting for their match to start. It luckily started quite soon, so we went to our seats which where on the terrace of the club house – very nice view! We sneaked Peggy in and then the match could start. It did and was very close and we were so nervous and it was horrible :D! No, not really, just exciting. They played well, but Santoro/Llodra were a little bit cleverer in some situations and so they lost in three sets. Too bad our cheering didn’t work out this time, maybe they couldn’t here because we were quite high above the CC. But anyway, it was a good match and the result saved our tricky problem – we had only booked our hotel until Friday and would have had to move to another one. We went to the club house after the match, got changed really quickly – I was wearing a skirt and it looked really awful with the Crew shirt :) Bob and Mike left again from downstairs, but this time we were fast enough and I guess they would have come over anyway because we told Bob before that we would like to take some banner pics before leaving. Okay, let me think, so much happened in such a short time. We gave them 2 pounds gummy-bears packages, which made Mike say “wow” and I bet they didn’t last much longer than the small packages :) Bob remember the “picture appointment” right away and asked us where we would want to take them. So we decided to go over to this kind of balcony and have the ocean behind us. The pictures must look really nice, they were taken with Miriam’s camera and I haven’t seen them yet. When we took the pic, I was standing next to Bob and we both held on to the banner, but Miriam and Mike somehow couldn’t work that out, so it fell down on their side. Bob and me looked over and Bob was like “Well, Mike...You actually should hold that banner, you know”, ha ha, that was really funny! They thanked us for watching their match so we said thanks for the tickets and Mike thanked us about a thousand times for the gummy-bears. He was talking so much anyway, I had never heard him talking that much before :D! He said something about losing the match, so I told him that it was alright and that we/they were getting better! We had seen one match in Paris, two here in Monte Carlo, so we could actually make it three in Queens. His reaction was : Three!!! Well, hopefully, I would love it to see them winning a tournament with us being there :) We just talked a little longer and then we said goodbye and left.... They were really so cute, it was definitely so worth it to drive 10hours down to the Cotê d’Azur!!! There’s no doubt that I would do that again immediately and I’m sure so would Miriam. And we so can’t wait to fly over to England and see them again in Queens!!!


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