Mone and Miriam
Paris TMS 2002
OMG, I can tell you, Paris was the most awesome week I ever had...well besides that something was stolen out of our room! 3 cd players, a camera,110 euro, and about 20 cd's were taken. And you know all the bags were messy and they even looked between the underwear and that felt so disgusting. At least the rest of our trip was awesome!

Okay so we were at the hotel the whole sunday and when we figured out that the doubles final in basel was before the singles one, we were pretty sure that mike and bob would arrive already that night. We waited and they came at about 7.30 pm. Miriam and me were standing there with the shirts and had the banner, Amber and Tiffany’s letter and our congratulations-letter in the hand as well as our making of the banner (we made a lil book with pics how the banner was made=)

So they had all their bags with them, but when bob saw us he stopped, smiled and said: "hey guys, how are u?" That was so cute and we just gave them Amber and Tiffany’s letter (to bob) our congratulations letter (to mike) and the making of (to bob) and then we unfolded the banner. They were just like omg, that looks so awesome! Thank you so much.... just totally cute! We talked to them for a while (well, actually me and bob talked and miriam and mike just said a sentence every now and then) while we were talking (it is to add, that they didn’t put down their luggage, they were just standing there holding it *lol*)but just asked if we had tickets for monday and we said no. So he asked us to get a paper and write down one of our last names. Miriam got a paper and bob asked me when we would be at the hotel the next day so we could meet again and fix it with the tickets. I said, just whenever, at about 9/9.30 am. "okay, so ill meet you at ten before we go to breakfast, right?"

"yip, no problem. We'll be there at ten!"

"Are you sure, i mean, what am I gonna do if you're not there? hm, I'll just leave them at the tennis at about 10"

"We'll be there, don't worry!"

"Are you sure? Well okay!" that was sooooooo cute! We talked a lil longer and then they went inside and miriam and me were totally happy and all excited! and, you know, we had a "date" with them! LMAo

The best thing was how mike asked us if we were gonna come to the matches! No, you know, we just liked the colour of the shirts and don’t even like them! haha

okay, so we better get to Monday! We were there at about 9.30am and nearly died! Seriously, we were so nervous! *lol* So at about a minute after ten (very punctual) *lol*, we saw bob walking through the lobby, looking out of the window. We didn't go over immediately, just waited until he saw us and waved. That was so cute and everyone out of the hotel was starring at us! *lol* So we went over and he said "good morning, did u have a good night?" (awww!) Then he said that he was going to reserve tickets and leave them at the stadium so we could pick them up there. He spelled the name and said it wrong and it took us about four tries until he finally got it right, but we had a lot of fun! He knew it then because on Monday night he just got it right(more about that later) He went back inside then, but not without wishing us a fun day.

We went to the tennis at about 12 and OMG, the tickets were so, so good! They were for the international box which was right down on the court and we could get everywhere with the tickets, even into the players lounge(we just figured that out Wednesday night) and everyone in that VIP village was talking English (very special in France)! But the best thing was, we didn't have to queue for court 1,even if there were a 100 ppl trying to get in! lol We just said we wanna get to the CC and that was the only way! lol We went back to the hotel at about 6 pm and when we arrived, we heard that bob and mike had just left for practice again about 5 mins ago! noo, we were so annoyed and it was freezing cold, but we decided to stay and wait. They came around 9.15 and seemed quite happy to see us! lol Like hey guys, how are you? Did u have a good day at the tennis? What matches did you see? and so on.

We asked them if they could sign the banner and they said: sure! But since it was so cold and bob was wearing shorts I asked him if he wasn’t freezing and his answer was: Do you girls want to go inside? (so cute) There was another friend with us that night, btw... we walked into the lobby, first me and craig, then miriam and the other friend and then bob and mike! It was so...awesome! There was Tommy Haas standing in the lobby and he so starred at us walking in with the guys! Lol Craig went upstairs and the guys signed the banner and our shirts. bob wrote: Thank you for all the support! We owe our success to you. Mike wrote: We really appreciate all your rooting and hard work on the banner! So love them!

Okay, it was so funny, when bob started writing mike said: That’s mean, I wanted to write that! lol We ate gummi bears while we waited for the guys and we asked them if they wanted some and to be honest, the package was nearly empty afterwards they really loved them and left about 10 for us *lmao* We had a chat with them for about 15 mins or so and talked about Amber and Tiffany as well. I asked them if we could take some banner pics another day, because we promised Amber and Tiffany to do so and Bob asked how we met you and I just told them that we were emailing and stuff! lol and I think Mike said that I should say hi! Lol Bob asked us about tickets for Tuesday and then asked Mike if they had some left. So Mike started explaining, that he had given his five away but told Bob that he didn't touch his so he should have some left. well Bob told us then that he would reserve some and we should just pick them up. And he knew miriam's last name because he just asked for " r o o s", right? That was so cute! I don't really know what else we talked about, I think just about the matches and the French guys they had to play and Mike asked us to bring some loud ppl! When we left they wished us a lot of fun the next day and we were just so happy!

We didn't see them on tuesday, so that day wasn't all the best! lol We really missed them!

Wednesday morning we met them before they left for practice. They were really nice, like always ,asking how we were and how the tennis was on Tuesday and so on. We had a package of gummi bears with us and when Mike saw them he was like: oh, gummi bears, are they for us? When we said yes he just grabbed them and had a big smile on his face. They told us, they would practice until 3/3.30pm so we decided to go to the tennis and come back to the hotel at about 2.30pm. Since bob hadn't said anything about tickets, we just decided to go and have a look if they reserved some. But there were none so we were kinda thinking they just forgot us! lol I mean, not that we expected them to reserve some everyday, but we were just wondering. Anyway, so we decided to go back to the hotel and just wait for them. When they came, we took banner pics. Craig had to take them, because no one else was there so they threw all there stuff down (right in front of the entrance ts,ts ) and when we unfolded the banner just grabbed it and did the rest by themselves! I said they should better not look at the back of the banner because it looked really f***** up, which made Bob laugh so much! After my f-word sentence they told us we had to go into the middle, which we did and then craig took two pics. After taking the pics Bob asked us if we were all right with the tickets and we said hm, well, did u leave some? Cause there were none when we had a look. Yeah, sure, I reserved them at about 11.30 am (puh were we happy!) So they wished us a lot of fun and we went back to the tennis. We asked for the tickets again and there were none. We had kind of a fight with that lady, telling her that bob would never ever say he reserved tickets if he didn't! But she couldn't find some, so we just went and bought some. Bob said he would talk to them on Thursday morning, but we just told him not to worry!

Thursday morning we were at the hotel quite early, so we wouldn't miss them! When they came out mike was waving and so was Bob with two tickets in his hand. lol We had a short chat ,which was disturbed by graydon oliver's hot coach! lol And when mike asked me how I felt I just said so nervous! I think they thought it was cute that I said that cause they just started smiling soooo nice! So anyway, we wished them good luck and they told us that they would see us later after the match! I really never ever felt so sick at the tennis, I was so nervous and excited about their match! Well, anyway, after they left the hotel we went to the tennis and watched haas - federer (next to haas coach who kept starring at us all the time - yuck!!!) miriam went outside, to have a look if anyone as practicing on court 1 because Andy did before and she came back telling me that Bob, Mike, Nestor, and Knowlsy(that's what Mike called Knowles all the time)were there. So we went over and they saw us when we arrived and just smiled and smiled at us every time they made any jokes and mike did a lot, telling knowlsy all the time that he was the best player on this court and other stuff. craig said hi as well and we definitely had a funny practice!

Am I ever gonna finish this report? Lol So we had met this guy from the USA the day before and he came to cheer with us. We weren't allowed to hang up the banner, don’t ask why, but we always hold it up in the break. So I was really nearly dying when the match started and it didn’t look to good from the beginning. It was so cute sometimes when they were on our side and we screamed, they just looked over and nodded or so! The 2nd set was closer and they played better, but the French guys were just too good! I thought I was gonna lose my voice, because in the tiebreak I just screamed and screamed and screamed! lol

But it didn't really help so we were in such a bad mood! But when the guys left the court they looked over and waved and said thank you! So cute!

miriam and me went straight to the players lounge, wrote a thank you letter and also had a letter with us for each of them from that American guy! And we had a package of gummi bears for each of them! lol So we waited and when they came out they didn’t really see us, but craig did and they stopped and bob just threw his stuff onto the ground. lol I walked already over while miriam got the stuff out and asked them how they felt. "SICK." We chatted for a while and Mike was really keen on the gummi bears and they were so cute. We told them about our monte carlo and queens plans and bob just started telling us where else they would play in europe, but then I told him that I just had school holidays every now and then and couldn’t come everywhere! lol miriam gave them the letters form the American guy and had them in the wrong hand and mike told her that he was mike! lol miriam was really annoyed about that lol and just told him that she knew who he was! lol Which made craig laugh btw. We asked them when they would leave and stuff and then it was time to say goodbye! And you know, I nearly got a heart attack! I just stood there, not knowing what would happen and then bob just bent over and hugged me!!!!!!! Can u imagine that!!!????!!! lol I would have never ever dreamt of that so it was really great!

We went to the hotel Friday morning at 8am but they had already left ,which was sad, but we had a great goodbye!!!! lol

So that was my bob and mike experience and it was the best thing that ever happened to me at the tennis!!!!


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