Nat and Alli
Monday, July 29/2002
We go to the Marquee Village (where the player's restaurant is), and who do we see: Bob and Mike! Alli walks right up to them and turns to Bob:Hi! You're Bob, right?(points to necklace) Bob goes: Hi! Yeah! How are you? Alli:I'm good, you? Bob:Very good! Since we had talked about it before, Alli asks:Can I shake your hand? I have to admit, I'm surprised! And I'm not the only one. Both Bob and Mike look at her weird, but end up shaking her hand (such sweeties!) We wish them good luck and continue on (they look like they're headed to practice).

Wednesday, July 31/2002
When we get out of the Marquee Village, we immediately go to Court 4, and we see the Bryan Bros warming up. We make sure we get prime spots against the fence right behind where they sit.

During the match, I went to a signing session with my mom while Alli kept our spots. My mom and I run back to Court 4. I rejoin Alli and watch the rest of the match. The Bryan Bros play amazing! (Such good hands at net! Enormous serves! And great teamwork!) Although they lose the first set in a tiebreaker (so close!), they manage to win the next two sets pretty easily.

After the match, we go get their autographs, and I ask Bob for his towel. He grabs the towel and tries to throw it to me behind his back, but it doesn't work! hehe (too cute!) He says:Guess the backwards things didn't work! Sorry about that!(So sweet!) He looks a little embarrassed, but he picks it up and hands it to me. As he is walking off to the player's lounge, Alli asks him for a pic with him. So my mom takes the pic, and then says: Where's your brother?Bob looks back, sees Mike signing autographs, and yells:Mike! Pic!(and waves him to come over). Mike comes over and my mom says:This is such a cute pic, especially since they're twins too!(Points to Alli and I). Bob and Mike go:Really?, take one look at us, realize she was joking, and start to laugh! My mom takes the pic, we thank them, and wish them good luck in their next match! (They are sooo sweet! and cute!)
Thursday, August 1/2002
We head to the Marquee Village, and just before we get to the entrance, I turn to look at Court 2, and who do I see practicing? Bob and Mike!! I grab Alli's arm and turn her around. We run over to the court, and lean against the fence right behind their bags.
We snap a couple shots, and wait til their practice ends. Mike leaves first, but he's too quick for us to say anything to him. Oh well! We'll see him later at his match! Bob continues to hit a bit more with their coach. As he gets his bag to leave, we wish him good luck!

Later in the day, we go to Court 2 to catch the Bros match. We manage to squeeze into spots along the fence right behind Bob and Mike' chairs. We watch them warm up and see the first three games. We look at our watch, realize it's almost 2, and rush over to Federer's signing session,

We hurry at the signing, and run back and regain our spots. Luckily, we didn't miss too much! My mom says that during a changeover, Bob said to Mike: Do you wanna try?My mom didn't know what he was talking about, but shortly after, the umpire announces that a trainer has been called. Doug Spreen comes and talks to Mike. My mom hears the ladies next to her (who seem to know Bob and Mike. They would talk to them after a match) say: Mike's stomach is upset. When the medical time-out is over, Bob and Mike jump up and jog to their position in unison (like every changeover. Soo cute!). Underneath Mike's chair, my mom sees a container that has some Peptol Bismol in it. While they are playing, Doug Spreen takes a bottle with brown liquid, shakes it, and sprays it on a towel. During the next changeover, Mike takes the towel, brings it to his face and inhales (or something like that!). Alli and I weren't there, so we don't know for sure what happened, or what the brown liquid is.
Whatever it is, it seems to work, because Mike is playing great, and so is Bob! The first set is really close, but Bob and Mike win it in a tiebreaker against Julien Boutter (FRA) and Sjeng Schalken (NED)! During the second set, Alli and I continue to cheer Bob and Mike on:Come on, Bob!Come on, Mike!Let's go Mike and Bob! The bros are also cheering themselves on. After almost every point they win, they give each other high fives.

More and more people come to watch the match, and because they see us cheering, they ask us about them:Who are those two?Bob and Mike Bryan Where are they from?The U.S. Are they brothers?Identical twins How do you tell them apart?Well, Bob is left-handed, and Mike is right-handed. Plus, Bob always wears a beaded necklace and Mike wears a watch and a wristband.How old are they?24 And so on! They seem impressed that we know so much about them!

Bob and Mike win, and we cheer loudly! As they come to get their bags, the ladies next to us (who seem to know them) ask Mike how he is feeling. He says: well, my stomach's a bit better, but I feel a little nauseous! I say to him: hope you feel better for your next match! He looks up and says: Thanx! and smiles! Alli and I congratulate them and wish them good luck for their next match. I ask Mike for his towel, and he hands it to me! (Yay! Now I have BOTH of their towels!) As they're leaving, I go over, and ask them both to sign the towel (since I already have their autographs in my book), and they do! Then they leave.
Toronto 2002


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