Mike and Bob answer YOUR questions!
Mike and Bob have answered some of your questions.  Due to the large number we received, they could not all be answered.  If yours was not answered this time, it may be used in the future.
Is it hard playing against some of your best friends knowing one has to lose?  What's it like playing against each other?  - - Chelsea

We have a lot of great friends on the tour that we play against every week.  It isn't tough to win or lose against your friends as long as you have respect for them and have professional matches.  Most players are fierce competitors, but can put tennis in perspective...there will always be another match...friendships last forever.

Which is the most beautiful memory you have with a fan?  - -  Laetitia

Mike and I are appreciative that we have so many great fans all over the world that come to support us. We are always touched when we can bring joy to a fan's life or inspire someone to play tennis...or even in some cases, inspire someone to overcome an obstacle in their own life.

If we had to pick one, the Shigeki story is especially touching because we were able to brighten a little boy's life before he passed away.

What is your statement to the new doubles rules?  - -  Thomas, Germany

We are obviously disappointed with the new scoring of doubles but it is a compromise we are willing to make for the overall survival of doubles players. We are pleased with the result of the lawsuit and are optimistic about the new promotion going into the game for 2006.

I just wanna ask how do you like Shanghai, the city and the people? - -  Jessie

Shanghai was a very impressive city. The people treated us like kings during the Masters Cup. We were suprised by how much the Chinese fans loved their tennis. We look forward to going back next year and seeing more of the sights.

Are you still in court with the ATP about the doubles rules?   What's going on in that case and do you two have to make any actual appearances?  Lastly, are you Harry Potter fans and what'd you think of the last movie, if you saw it?  - -  Cara Rosenbaum

The lawsuit is being dropped.  We achieved all of our main goals and it would be a waste of money to continue anymore litigation. The lawsuit was settled out of court.  Mike and I did 2 Save Doubles events during December and are planning some other events in 2006.  All of the money raised goes toward the legal fees and junior doubles programs.  I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books but have really enjoyed the movies.

Your site states that you have been working on a cd.  I was wondering if/when you guys plan on releasing it. - - David Kingsmith

Mike and I play 3 to 4 hours of music everyday...we have many original tunes that we have recorded unprofessionally.  We are going to continue to perform at 5-10 tourneys every year...and we intend to release some of these tunes on the web site in the future.  As far as an album...if we had the time, we would love to do one.


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