Tip of the Month (July):
Whenever you and your partner have your opponent(s) in trouble (on the defense), look to move forward inside the court.

When you or your partner hit a great shot and recognize your opponents are moving backwards, stretching for that wide or low ball, it is very important that you anticipate and move forward and look to be aggressive.

When a player is pushed back behind the baseline and stretched out wide off the court, they typically will hit something weak and short back.  This is why it is so important to anticipate this type of shot from your opponents in these situations and look to move forward and take the ball early.  This helps you and your partner establish better court position, inside the court and closer to the net.  Also, by recognizing these situations, it helps to cut down on your opponents' recovery time.

So Good luck and remember to anticipate and move forward when you have your opponents on the defense!
Tennis Tips with Philip Farmer
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