First Sunday ~ Alright, I knew who Tiffany and Amber were because they ran the Official Bryan Brothers Yahoo! Group and I knew I'd see 'em in Cincinnati. I ended up running into them outside of center court which was pretty cool and we talked. Later on the news on ESPN I was psyched to hear that Mike and Bob had won the doubles title in Toronto (YAY GUYS!)

Monday ~ Today was pretty cool...I saw Tiffany and Amber talking to Mr. Bryan but I just smiled and walked by because they were pretty deeply engrossed into their conversation (LOL, just kiddin' y'all!) I talked to them later and they told me that Mike and Bob were going to be arrive a little bit later because of their flight timing. I also asked Mr. Bryan about that time and I knew to make sure to be around the players entrance (it was a little before Andy Roddick arrived so I was going to be there a pretty long time!) When they arrived, they looked kinda tired and Bob just kinda ran in and I was pretty sad about that but I figured he was tired. Mike stayed and signed autographs and I got a picture with him! Some guy asked him if he was related to Bob, which was the funniest thing I have EVER HEARD! And he's like "You just missed him." And kinda smirked but not too much, because Mike was so sweet and I probably never would laugh at that even though they are TWINS! Haha! Later on, I talked to Mr. Bryan and said I saw the guys which he thought was pretty cool and I said I totally missed Bob and he said that we would get him the next day when they were practicing. The guys had a practice that night which I missed (I went to Andy's practice...sry guys!!!!!)
Cincinnati 2002
Tuesday ~ Alright, like after Andy's practice the guys had another practice which me and the girls I hung out with (Hyedi, Corrie, Mellissa and Emily went to) - Note: Mellissa and Emily are twins so it was kinda cool about that! We saw the guys come in and the Doublemint Crew was there and like Bob levetated towards them but Mike kinda stayed in my area and I asked him if I could get a picture with him and Bob and he's like "Yeah, alright" and he spent a minute or two trying to get Bob's attention and I was like "Yeah, Bob keeps running away from me!" and then Mike was like "Oh really..." Haha, I know! But we finally got him!
YAY! And I have the kinda blurry picture which I love nonetheless (better than my headless Andy Roddick picture *sigh*) Then I took a picture for my friend Hyedi and it was so cute because the guys were so tall and she was so short compared to them and I am too! It was so funny! We ended up sittin on the hill outside court eight which was fun and just chillin and watching the guys practice. Afterwards they had so many girls like greet them on their way out which was really cute! I just like stood there and stared which seemed kinda stupid, but I enjoyed it! Then later they had ANOTHER practice because they had match that night against the Jensen brothers. The guys didn't know what court to go to because they had moved a match to court 3! So we just kinda followed them around. I sat next to Mr. Bryan outside the tennis courts on the little hill outside court eight. For the trip my parents didn't buy night session tickets which I was sad about but I really wanted to see the guys play at night. Mr. Bryan asked me if I was going and I was like no and explained my situation and he said that he would get me a ticket and then drop me off at the hotel I was staying at after because they had two cars apparently. I flipped out and so did the girl sitting next to me about that! I was so excited! I knew Mr. Bryan was nice but this is just totally going out of his way! My parents were excited too and wanted to go as well! So then I asked him about that and we went to get the tickets but Amber and Tiff were so nice and gave us their four tickets that I think Mr. Bryan got them (HE IS SO NICE! I'm jealous you guys got to go to the players party! NO FAIR!! I wanna see Andy since Ice Ice Baby and see their band play!!!!)....And then he told me to sneak down to the boxes when their match starts and if anyone questions me to tell them that I am w/ the Bryan family! I was like OH MY GOSH HOW COOL!!! The match was so fun! I ended up moving across from where the guys sit during changeovers and like right at the net which was exciting and Tiff and Amber were to my right and we're very loud during the match which was funny because the Jensens played off of that ! But Mike and Bob kept their cools and they were VERY PROFESSIONAL! Which was totally awesome, gotta love the game face! They ended up having a rocky first set and then took the second home. Great job guys!

Wednesday ~ This was my last day in Cincinnati and Mike and Bob had a really late, early evening match which I knew I wouldn't be able to see since I was leaving for Kalamazoo (you guys have to come back here sometime!), Michigan, where I live. I was waiting for my dad to come to our meeting spot when I turned around and it's Mike and Bob! They seemd kinda in a hurry and I didn't wanna say anything because of that but it was cool just kinda running into them! And then as I was leaving they were the last guys I saw on Court 8 ONCE AGAIN! I wanted to say something but I was too far away and they were practicing...But thanks guys for a wonderful time in Cincy!!!!!! You all are so sweet and Mr. Bryan you are the best and are so nice to your sons' fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks once again!! And that is my Cincy 2002 experience w/ Mike and Bob!!!!!!


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